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you need me like a bad habit (chuck&nate//ed&chace)

the original chuck/nate & ed/chace community
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this community is dedicated to the enjoyment and slashification of the friendship between chuck bass and nate archibald, as emphasized in Gossip Girl the tv series or their actors, ed westwick and chace crawford. whether you love the way the CW is emphasizing their dysfunctional friendship, melt every time chace and ed are on screen together, or believe that when nate gets sick of the blair-serena-blair drama, he and chuck can lurk together (naked), this community is a safe haven for you and those like you. but, of course, there are rules.
o1. be nice. if you're not a fan, don't join. if you are a fan, treat your fellow fans with respect. we're all shameless slash fangirls here, people. we need to stick together. if you are caught starting fights with other members of the community, you will be suspended for an undetermined amount of time.

o2. all media is welcome here, from icons to fanart to wallpapers to music videos to fanmixes to anything you can think of. fanfiction is also welcome, because what is a fan community without fan-made items? the only restriction is that anything posted must be majorly chuck/nate or ed/chace. for example, no fanfiction with them as the side pairing. they have to be at the forefront.

o3. anything of explicit content must be f-locked (yeah, hi, lj), lj-cut, and clearly labelled as such. anything that distorts the size of people's f-list must be lj-cut as well. also, for my own benefit, if you're going to post icons here, then people should have access to them. that means no icon posts that are fake cut to a locked journal. seriously, what's the point?

o4. community advertisements are fine for now, but they can only be part of a post. that means that you have to post something chuck/nate or ed/chace related as well as pimping your community. i just don't want this community to be a breeding ground for community advertisements with people only joining to advertise.

from chuck's mouth to your ears: "i care about three things, nathaniel: money, the pleasures money brings me, and you."

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